ZhengJi projects is an interior design, consulting and project management company, with an aim to simplify the planning process, producing solutions that exceed client expectations.

The Z&F Works approach to working together with our clients offer a number of benefits for complete peace of mind. Speed, flexibility and quality are the three fundamental values we adhere to, which gives us an advantage over all of our competitors.

  • SpeedWe have the ability to carry out any work, cost process and tender simultaneously. Each area of development can be divided up, assigned according to programme requirements and we accomplish our deadlines considering our schedule.
  • FlexibilityZheng Fang Works take into account that flexibility in all prepared specifications is essential to successful accomplishmet of any development and we are always looking to achieve completion as soon as possible thus we aim to incorporate any required changes into the work completion timetable. Flexibility of the development in partnership with reliable, known sub-contractors usually allows us to execute any planning changes within the time frame.
  • QualityAll quality issues will have been agreed long before site commencement. It is also in our own interests to ensure that such issues are clarified early on, as the contract risk lies with us should we fail to understand, or provide the desired quality. Zheng Fang Works are 100% committed to making sure that each and every one of our clients is fully satisfied with our services. Whether the job is big or small it will receive the same amount of quality and attention to detail. Recommendations and repeat business form the basis of our continuously increasing client base and it is very important to maintain a good relationship with all our clients.